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Albert Square, Manchester

This area was constructed by Manchester Contracts over twenty years ago, and since that time has become one of the City's most popular venues for the many events and festivals of national and international significance which take place there each year. The Square still looks as good today as it did then, which is testimony to the quality of our work and construction.

The construction of this public open space involved the paving of the perimeter of the Square in natural stone flats, with the interior Portuguese granite sets laid to an intricate pattern. A complete new lighting scheme was installed and the area was complemented by bespoke street furniture.

Cathedral Gardens

Cathedral Gardens has been described as the 'Jewel in the Crown' of Manchester Contracts, having received significant praise for the high-quality workmanship. The scheme consisted of a combination of high-quality hard and soft landscaping, with a specially designed water feature at its heart.

Working in partnership with a number of public and private organisations, including the developers of the Urbis project, we were able to ensure that the works were completed on time, within budget and with minimal disruption to other contractors working in the area.

City Road, East Manchester

Contracts reconstructed highway infrastructures to support this newly constructed apartment development. We phased the programme in conjunction with the completion handovers to enable new tenants to access their apartments using the newly-laid constructed highway.

Kingsway A34 new access

Following private competitive tendering against the open market, Manchester Contracts was commissioned to deliver a new highway junction improvement scheme to facilitate a newly-built Aldi supermarket.

The works, which involved a statutory undertakers' service and mains diversion to accommodate new highway improvements, were managed to avoid any contractual delays associated with the contract completion date which was linked to the supermarket opening.

Community Schemes

Dobson Court

This project, to provide residents and visitors with an improved courtyard for recreational purposes, benefited from the early involvement of Manchester Contracts by enabling a cash grant to be awarded.

Work involved the construction of bespoke paving materials with installation of furniture, and an access ramp with handrail for ease of use. The end result is a delightful courtyard for the enjoyment of residents.

Boggart Hole Clough

Manchester Contracts was tasked to design and construct a play area specifically for young age groups in this North Manchester Park which previously had no facilities for toddlers.

The scheme was designed to not only provide the fun of fixed-play equipment, but also to offer free play in large areas of circulation space around the equipment. Toddlers now have a slide, swings and even a steam engine to play on in addition to interactive ground graphics which encourage young children to explore learning through play.

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