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Road Marking

In addition to marking the highways, Manchester Contracts carries out road marking in a number of different environments. These include providing disabled parking bays for residents, marking business car parks, sports arenas and yellow lining works on behalf of Manchester Parking.

Our teams are trained to work from drawings and ensure that all work complies with appropriate specified standards, and our many years of experience enable us to carry out marking work safely and with minimum disruption to traffic.

Leisure Parks

We create play environments that are challenging and inclusive, offering a multi-sensory experience for children which helps them develop motor activity and encourages interactive and imaginative play in a safe environment.

In creating these areas we are consistently mindful of environmental sustainability. Our designs include features such as fenced play areas which include seating, picnic tables, low-level play panels set in differentially mowed grassed areas. We also include soft-grassed landscaped mounds and plantings which offer play and environmental education designed to meet the different needs of toddlers, juniors and teenagers.

Community Schemes

Manchester Contracts works directly with residents and community groups to improve the safety and appearance of local neighbourhoods. Small local projects have a positive effect, encouraging other groups to develop their own ideas for improving their communities with consequent benefits to everyone. We are customer and community focused and these projects are an important feature of the works we undertake.

Using our considerable experience, we are able to offer a comprehensive package of advice, design, estimates and construction, to turn an original idea into the finished scheme. Our knowledge of local authority and planning legislation enables us to identify any potential problems at an early stage and to resolve them before grant application is submitted.

Signage Manufacture

Manchester Contracts operates a sophisticated Sign Shop where, using computer-aided facilities, our skilled team manufacture a full range of signs from highway-related direction signs to the smallest nameplate. The Sign Shop also offers an extensive range of designs to meet even the broadest customer requirements. However, our signage work is not confined to stand alone signs, the team carries out a large volume of vehicle graphics work on a variety of vehicles and is able to do this at our workshop or at customers' premises if they prefer.

Gully Cleansing

The gully cleansing team carries out sump clearance from small side roads and major roads across the City, providing a flexible response to the needs of highway and footway users, from replacing missing grid tops to retrieving lost keys from gullies. Among the services provided by the team are:

  • Maintenance of main and side highways
  • Assisting Police searches of gullies in specific areas
  • Assisting emergency services in respect of flood damage to properties

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