Sports, leisure and the Arts Allotment holder responsibilities

Allotments legislation dictates how allotments should be used. Our allotment rules apply to all tenants who rent plots on our sites and all other users and visitors.  

Our aim is to promote the continued enjoyment of our allotments with minimum  inconvenience or nuisance to both tenants and local residents. 

Tenants who keep to the rules will be supported to renew the rental of their plot annually 

Tenants who fail to keep to the rules may be given notice to put matters right or will not be allowed to renew their annual agreement 

Every tenant is required to sign their agreement to the rules in order to become a tenant 

Our rules are under review and may be updated and/or replaced. 

Questions relating to the rules should be sent to us at  

Find out more about your responsibilities: 

Things not permitted on your allotment 

  • You cannot sublet your plot or transfer your tenancy to anyone (including to your family) 
  • You must not use your plot for any trade or business (includes selling produce) 
  • You are not allowed to bring rubbish and general refuse onto the site or store it on your plot   
  • You must not bring any harmful objects onto site, such as, chemicals, asbestos, broken glass, scrap metal, tyres  
  • You are not allowed to have bonfires or any other type of fires or burners 
  • You must not use a hosepipe or sprinkler system  
  • You are not allowed to keep livestock such as cockerels, rabbits, turkeys, ducks, parrots, pigeons, pigs, sheep, goats or horses on allotment plots. 

Respect other plot holders  

  • You are not allowed to give your key to other people or allow them to visit your plot without you being there 
  • You, your children or visitors are not allowed to go onto other people’s plots without their permission  
  • You must not cause a nuisance to other plot holders or neighbouring householders – this  could include bad or racist language, threats, getting drunk, playing loud music, smoking illegal substances  
  • You are not permitted to use any form of harassment or violence on-site, be it physical or verbal; this applies to social media and emails 
  • You must not let your dog stray or foul paths or plots 
  • You are not allowed to stay overnight on your allotment plot. 

If you do not follow the rules for renting a plot it could lead to enforcement. Find out more about inspections and enforcement

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