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If you don't get your preferred school, and you think there are important reasons why your child should go there, you can appeal (after you have been refused a place in writing) to the independent Education Appeal Panel, which is not part of the Council. If they decide you have a good case, they can give you a place.

We can help if the school is in Manchester. We can accept appeals for nearly all Manchester Schools (the few that we don't accept are listed at the bottom of this page.)

If the school is not in Manchester then appeal to the school's local council – even if you applied on Manchester’s online form and we’ve written to say you didn’t get in. If you'd like more information about making an appeal, you can download our guidance for appealing a school place.

We now arrange appeals to be held remotely for more flexibility for those involved. To take part, you will need to use a phone or laptop or similar device, with a microphone and a camera. The hearing is held via a link and the details of the hearing, the link and the paperwork to be considered, will be sent to you via email. If it is not possible for a remote hearing, we will make arrangements for a hybrid hearing, and you will need to attend the hearing in person which will take place in the Town Hall extension building.

Complete the form for each school place offer you want to appeal about.

Your child has to attend school, so they should take the place they have been offered while your appeal is dealt with.

There are different rules depending on the age of your child.

These Manchester schools arrange their own appeals. You need to contact the school directly. Do not use this form to appeal decisions from:

  • King David Primary School
  • King David High School
  • The Manchester Academy
  • The Communications Academy
  • William Hulme Grammar School Academy
  • Wright Robinson College.
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