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Under 16's

Free schoool travel for children and young people

Manchester City Council offers a free travel pass or a cycle voucher to eligible children. A travel pass allows a child to travel to and from school free of charge on a bus, train or tram in the Greater Manchester area. A cycle voucher provides an eligible child with the means to purchase a bicycle, so that they can cycle to school.

For details of eligibility and how to apply contact Integrated Admissions;

Telephone - 0161 245 7166 

Low fares for children and young people under 16

There are a range of travel passes and reduced fares available for under 16's, details of these and how to apply or buy these are available on the Transport for Greater Manchester website.

An igo pass will be required for any child or young person aged 11 - 16 in order to qualify for concessionary fares.  The igo pass is issued by Transport for Greater Manchester, details of how to apply can be found on the TfGM website; igo pass.

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