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Computer and Digital Skills

We have a range of courses and activities to help you keep up to date with the digital world.  We have courses for beginners up to ITQ Level 1.  Our courses will help you improve your digital skills, such as using email and the internet, how to stay safe online, using ICT for jobsearch, online shopping and banking, social networks and using Office applications.  You will be able to work at your own pace, with the support of our helpful tutors.

  • All our beginner courses are free; others may have fees, depending on your circumstance
  • You can join at any time and courses run in all our Adult Learning Centres

We also have Open Access computers in many of our centres, which are completely free of charge: these are computers that you can book in to use whenever we are open – to practise using the computer, to do homework, to pay bills, to keep in contact with family and friends, to send emails etc.  

Also, we have some computer courses especially for adults with learning difficulties.

Marium choudhury

Case Study: Marium Chowdhury

"This course has helped me enormously in every direction of my life from using the computer confidently to be able to do things independently. 

It has made a big impact in my life. For example, I can use the internet and email to help me with my family life to keep on track with everything. I have also started creating my own household expenditure on a spreadsheet and it’s coming along nicely.  It's a big achievement for me considering I have not used spreadsheets before.

My next goal is to go on to university which I have always wanted to do. This computer course has boosted my confidence and equipped me to communicate confidently at work in terms of emailing and other aspects of using a computer.

To sum everything up, I would say that every adult should come forward and take a step to start learning which is inspirational"

Download the Computer and Digital Skills Course Guide 2018/19



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Was this page helpful?