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English and Maths

Our English and Maths courses give you an opportunity to improve your Maths and/or English skills with expert help.  You can work at your own pace in a friendly atmosphere.  

You can also get a nationally recognised qualification to help you make progress at work or in further training. We run courses from a basic level right up to GCSE.  

·        All courses are free, including GCSEs

·        You can join at any time except for GCSEs which start in September

Contact your local Adult Learning Centre to make an appointment so we can work out your starting point and agree the best course for you.  

English and Maths courses are available at all our main Adult Learning Centres and a range of other community centres.

Case Study: English - John Stoddart

John stoddart

"When I arrived at MAES 18 months ago I was absolutely ‘petrified’ but straight away, the staff made me feel welcome and did not judge me because my reading and writing were not very good.  I have a degenerative muscular condition which means I can’t do physical work anymore. The job centre referred me because I needed to improve my maths and English to improve my chances of getting a job.  Since joining MAES I have improved my maths and English, gained qualifications and improved my confidence immensely.  The support I have received has been more than I could ever wish for with dyslexia, career advice and I was encouraged to do voluntary work.  I am now joining the ‘Talk English Project’ as a volunteer and looking for jobs in support roles"

Case Study: Maths - Kendall Isaac

Kendall isaac

"I joined the class because I had tried to pass maths assessments for jobs and failed.

When I joined the class I realised that I did have maths skills but no confidence in using them. I always felt that I was terrible with maths especially fractions, decimals and percentages.

On the course at first I didn’t think it would work but then with a supportive tutor I found that I could do the maths and really enjoyed attending. I made new friends and really liked the laughter and jokes that we had in class. It was really good and the tutor has pushed us to learn as much as we could.

I also learnt that I was not the only person worried about maths and this made me feel better about myself.

I have found a new job back in customer services. I would recommend this course to anyone that asked me"

Case Study: Sukhvinder, on an English course

Manchester Adult Education Services

"I joined this course because I needed to boost my English skills. When I started the course it felt really good because my teacher is really good. I feel I am doing really well in class and have been coming to the workshop too.  My teacher has helped me a lot with job applications and my CV. I have learned lots of different things in my English class like writing letters, writing reports, grammar and how to apply for work. I didn’t expect all these things would be included in the course but I think this course is really good. Now I am able to help my children more with their homework and I feel more confident than before. I feel more doors are open to me. I am able to apply for jobs myself and I really feel I will find a job soon. I have already been called for an interview which is a good start for me"

Case Study: Tatiana, on a Maths course

Manchester Adult Education Services

"I am a learner with Manchester Adult Education Service. I am currently studying maths although in the past I have studied other courses. First I did a family learning course at Plymouth Grove primary school.  This course helped me and helped me to help my children. I liked it so much I then went on to do literacy and numeracy courses and next year I am hoping to do health and social care and GCSE maths. I work part time in a coffee shop, but now my children are older I plan to train to be a nurse.  MAES has helped me become clear on what I want to do. I like the courses here because it is flexible, you can find a course to do when it’s convenient for you and the teachers are friendly and helpful"

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