Manchester City Council

Crime, antisocial behaviour & nuisance Antisocial behaviour (ASB)

Supporting complainants and witnesses

Whether you are a victim or witness, we understand the importance of providing you with support when you report anti-social behaviour to us.

We aim to protect our most vulnerable residents from harm and we do this by discussing your needs with you and, if necessary, identifying the most appropriate organisations to provide you with any additional support. 

We rely upon those members of the public who are willing to speak out against the minority of individuals who act in an anti-social manner and whose actions cause harm to others. 

If you report anti-social behaviour to us, we will explain if action can be taken and how we can work in partnership with you to resolve your report. We will keep you updated until your report has been resolved. 

Dependant on the type of anti-social behaviour you report, we may recommend alternative organisations or services that would be better placed to deal with your complaint such as Greater Manchester Police or your Housing Provider. 

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Was this page helpful?