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What is Growing Manchester?

Growing Manchester is a community food growing programme that helps to support local people and food growing projects in our shared ambition to grow and live sustainably.

The Growing Manchester programme is about supporting community food growing projects to become more sustainable, ensuring that local people with the enthusiasm to grow food can access support to ensure their projects succeed.

Every year we aspire to support existing community food growing projects.  Maybe you’re completely new to food growing but have access to a growing space and a group of friends or neighbours who want to come together to grow.  Knowing where to start could be a problem and that’s what’s great about this opportunity, as we’ll take you through every stage.  For those already involved in growing, it’s a chance to take your project to the next level. 

So, what makes a successful community food growing project?  Is it people who can plan ahead?  Is it committed and motivated group members who feel supported? Is it the sunny, well drained site or is it a supportive neighbourhood? What’s clear is that each project is unique, with its own strengths, challenges, aspirations and goals. These web pages are your guide to Growing Manchester. You can also now find us on Facebook.

Growing Manchester is supported by Manchester Health & Care Commissioning (a partnership between Manchester City Council and NHS Manchester Clinical Commissioning Group), and the programme is delivered by Sow the City, an award winning social enterprise based in Manchester.




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