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Objective 2 – Improving Life Chances

We want everyone living in Manchester to have a good quality of life and equal chances. We know that for some groups in Manchester this is not the case. We will work with our partners to take a positive approach to removing inequalities. We have four aims to support this:

Aim 1: Improve the health and wellbeing of all our residents and increase the life expectancy of Manchester people, by making sure they get better health and social care. We’ll do this by working with our partners to join up and improve health and social care services, and make sure all people get the support and information that they need in the right way for them. We will increase the proportion of adults participating in sport and leisure activities to improve their own health and wellbeing.

Aim 2: Improve the life chances and increase the aspirations and achievements of all Manchester children and adults in education, making sure that the right support is in place to make access to a good education and pathways into employment attainable for everyone. We will reduce the percentage of children living in workless or low income households by supporting more troubled families into work.

Aim 3: Provide volunteering, apprenticeship and training opportunities in the city, working with our public and voluntary sector partners to do this and influence other organisations to do the same. We will increase the number of volunteer hours worked in the city, and raise the median average annual earnings of Manchester’s working people. Manchester residents will be paid at least the real living wage.

Aim 4: Take a joined up approach with our public and voluntary sector partners to raise awareness of hate crime and help people feel more confident to report it. We will increase the number of places where people can report hate crimes and make sure organisations know how to give the right support. Across our partnerships, we will make sure appropriate action is taken swiftly to address hate crime using both criminal and civil powers available to us.

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