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Consultation on Objective 3

We consulted on the following draft equality objective: 'Celebrate our Diversity'

We will celebrate the diversity of Manchester and tell people how this makes the city better for everyone. We have three proposed aims to achieve this:

Aim 1: Organise and promote events about the issues that our different groups and communities face. We’ll give people the chance to get involved.

Aim 2: Promote Manchester as an inclusive city that cares about equality. Promote the work we do on equalities and make Manchester the place to be for people interested in equality issues and events.

Aim 3: Talk about equality issues more – through a range of media, including our website and social media – to celebrate our diverse city and tell people how we’re achieving these objectives, and make sure the information is accessible for all.

You said: we should engage with minority communities and their organisations to make sure ‘less heard’ voices and smaller groups have their say. We did: commit to a programme of engagement which is open to all stakeholders, regardless of their size.

You said: the aim should be to keep and maintain the good work Manchester already does to celebrate diversity. We did: reflect this in the amended objective and committed to continuing our work so far.

You said: we should use negative language (equality ‘issues’) to describe a positive objective (celebration). We did: amend the objective so that celebration, understanding and positivity are at its heart.

You said: it’s not just the Council that’s responsible for celebrating diversity, it’s something that communities and neighbourhoods do too. We did: make sure the aims include opportunities for community involvement to create chances for us to celebrate Manchester’s diversity together.

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