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Consultation on Objective 1

We consulted on the following draft equality objective: 'Know Manchester Better'

We will increase the information, knowledge and understanding we have about Manchester’s diverse communities. This will allow us to support ‘community cohesion’ – people from different backgrounds getting on well together in the local area and treating each other with respect and consideration – and make sure we provide services that meet everyone’s needs. We have four proposed aims to achieve this:

Aim 1: Improve the way we do ‘equality monitoring’ – the information we gather about which groups of people are using our services and engaging with us. We want to get better information and more of it.

Aim 2: Involve a wide range of people and organisations in developing and reviewing our work on equalities.

Aim 3: Contribute to government policy and the decisions made nationally about equality monitoring, research, information that is gathered about people and how it’s used. We’ll share information with other public sector organisations and use their knowledge to better understand our communities.

Aim 4: Increase the number of ‘equality impact assessments’ we do to understand how the changes in what we do affects different communities.

You said: it should be clearer how the information will be used and how that leads to better outcomes. We did: adapt our objective to be focused less on the process, and more on what it’s for.

You said: there should be more detail about how the aims will be measured, and who’s responsible for making them happen. We did: align our aims to established performance measures where possible, and where there aren’t already any in place, committed to working with our partners to develop them.

You said: we should work with our partners to share information and collaborate on approaches. We did: agree to improve how we share information using a range of tools and forums, which we’ll develop with our partners in the first year of the objectives.

You said: there should be less focus on providing services and more on commissioning them, especially how we work with the voluntary sector on this. We did: make sure that our commissioning role is more clearly reflected in the objective.

You said: this objective is a lot like equality objectives set by other Manchester public sector organisations (like the police or health), so there might be duplication. We did: increase the focus on partnership working on our equality objectives so that we understand who’s doing what and when. That way we can improve together.

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