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Objective 1 – Knowing Manchester Better

We will work together with Manchester’s citizens and our partners in the public and voluntary sectors to increase the quality of the information, knowledge and understanding we have about Manchester’s diverse communities and the value that we gain from this. This will allow us to work with each other to support ‘community cohesion’ – people from different backgrounds getting on well together in the local area and treating each other with respect and consideration – and make sure we develop policies, and provide and commission services that meet everyone’s needs. We have four aims to support this:

Aim 1: Improve the way we get to know our communities and the people who are using our services and engaging with us. We want to understand how our work affects people’s satisfaction with life in Manchester, and whether people from different backgrounds get on well together. We will get better equality information to help us understand how what we do affects equality in Manchester, and to develop approaches that improve everybody’s outcomes.

Aim 2: Involve a wide range of people and organisations in developing and reviewing our work on equalities, strengthening our relationships with our partners and benefitting from the strong links that our voluntary sector partners have with Manchester’s communities.

Aim 3: Influence government policy and the decisions made nationally about equality monitoring, research and information that is gathered about people and how it’s used. We’ll share information with our partners and use their knowledge to better understand our communities and design services which respond to this.

Aim 4: Use our growing and shared knowledge of Manchester communities with our partners, to make sure we have a joined up way of analysing how all the big changes in the city affect different communities.

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