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Consultation on Objective 2

We consulted on the following draft equality objective: 'Tackle Discrimination'

We want everyone living in Manchester to have a good quality of life and equal chances. We know that for some groups in Manchester this is not the case. We will take a positive approach to tackling and reducing inequality. We have four proposed aims to achieve this:

Aim 1: Improve the health and wellbeing of all our residents, by making sure they get better health and social care. We’ll do this by playing our part in joining up health and social care services and using the NHS accessible information standard to make sure people get information in ways they can understand and get appropriate help to communicate about their health and care.

Aim 2: Improve the education results of Manchester children, including disabled children and those with special educational needs, and reduce the number of young people who are not in employment, education or training.

Aim 3: Provide volunteering, apprenticeships and training opportunities in the Council and influence other organisations to do the same, including supported employment schemes for disabled people. Make sure that Manchester residents are paid at least the real living wage.

Aim 4: Raise awareness of hate crime and help people feel more confident to report it, and work to make neighbourhoods where people feel included, accepted and safe. This is part of the Manchester hate crime strategy.

You said: that the objectives should be for all Manchester people without singling groups out, but some of you said that we should be more specific about which groups are being targeted by our aims. We did: take out references to specific groups, as we want to improve outcomes for everybody and not limit our ambitions.

You said: there should be less focus on pass or fail attainment and more on people fulfilling their own potential and accessing life opportunities. We did: change the whole tone of the objective and its aims to reflect your feedback and become life chances and outcomes focused.

You said: that we should reflect equality for the Council’s workforce in our objectives. We did: reflect on the work we’re already doing to improve equality outcomes in the Council, as outlined in our report to Personnel Committee in December 2015. We’ll consider including an aim on this during the lifespan of the objectives.

You said: that we should reflect that this is a shared objective for many stakeholders in Manchester, not just the Council. We did: outline the role of partnership working and sharing our approaches in the city to progress this objective.

You said: we should use more positive language to describe our commitments, as there are already good things happening in Manchester. We did: change the tone of the objective to focus on continuing and improving what we already do well.

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