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Objective 3 – Celebrating Our Diversity

Manchester’s great strength is its diversity; we’ve achieved a lot for our different communities. We will maintain and build on with what we’ve achieved so far, going even further to celebrate Manchester’s diversity, telling people how this makes the city better for everyone. We have three aims to support this:

Aim 1: Collaborate across sectors to organise and promote events and targeted communication campaigns that celebrate Manchester’s diverse communities and give a greater awareness and understanding of them. We’ll make sure people are involved and informed.

Aim 2: Grow Manchester’s national and international profile as a diverse, inclusive city that cares about equality. Promote the work we do on equalities across all sectors and communities, from big city centre events to small self-forming groups, to make Manchester an exemplar of equality activity.

Aim 3: Make good use of the communication channels we and our partners have available – like websites, social media and community involvement – to celebrate our diverse city and tell people across the world how we’re achieving these objectives. We will make sure the information is accessible for all and tells people what they need to know and how they can get involved.

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