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For us, equality and diversity extends beyond just meeting statutory obligations.  For over twenty-five years, we have promoted and invested in equality through innovative work with minority communities.  Manchester is one of the most diverse cities in the country and the City Council and its partners have a national reputation for its equality and diversity work with Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) groups, Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (LGB) communities, women, older people and disabled people.  More recently it has made great strides in progressing Trans issues in the city, and addressing issues such as community resilience and social cohesion. Manchester's diversity is one of its greatest assets and strengths.  We will continue to build on this through continuing to narrow the gap in quality of life between Manchester's communities, and between Manchester and the rest of the country.

Achieving this is central to the delivery of the city's vision as set out in the Community Strategy 2006-15:

"..create a city with people that are highly skilled, motivated and wealth creating.  The population will contribute to, and benefit from, Manchester's success, with everyone achieving their full potential and having a great sense of participation and wellbeing."

More information about Manchester's Community Strategy and other key policy documents can be found on the Manchester Partnership website.

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