Environmental problems During a flood

Keeping pets safe in a flood

During a flood warning

  • Bring all small animals inside and, if possible, take them upstairs.
  • Move food, bedding and fresh water to somewhere safe and dry.
  • Keep your portable pet carriers at hand.
  • Keep familiar toys dry, as animals under stress will welcome something that smells of home.
  • Think about taking animals to a family member or friend who lives outside the flood risk area.
  • Put documents like vaccination records, your vet’s details, and pet’s microchip number in a sealed bag with any other important documents. Include a current photograph in case your animals should get lost.
  • Move horses to high ground, keep tack and rugs off the floor, then put your contact details on field/stable gates so you can be contacted in an emergency.

During a flood

Never put your own or another person’s life in danger to save an animal. Remember that if you leave animals behind, even if you think you’ve created a safe place for them, it could lead to injury or loss because it could be several days before you can return home.

  • Cats, rabbits and other small animals must be transported in suitable carriers, birds in a secure cage and dogs using sturdy leashes.
  • In cold weather put a blanket over the carrier. Do not put water inside the carrier during transportation.
  • Take your pet’s food, water, bowls and bedding with you. Read the Blue Cross advice for keeping your pet safe during a flood
  • If you have no choice but to leave your animals behind, leave them shut inside an upstairs room with enough of food and water. Leave notices on external doors saying there are animals inside and contact the RSPCA or your local Flood Warden immediately.
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