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Pay and allowances

You will be paid an average of £380 a week tax-free for one child.

If you've fostered before or have significant childcare experience you could be paid more. And if you foster more than one child you'll get a lot more.

You will get a regular income if you foster with us because we always have children who need a home.

We also provide:

  • money for school uniforms, birthdays, Christmas or religious festivals, transport and holidays including petrol for trips over 3 miles
  • equipment and funding for any special support the child needs.

We offer other benefits such as:

  • excellent professional training
  • monthly support groups across the city
  • a Manchester Lesiure card that gives your family free access to Manchester Better gyms
  • a Max card that gives large discounts on North West attractions

Check if you're eligible to foster.

Call 0800 988 8931 (9am to 4.30pm week days) or complete our short form if you want to become a foster carer, arrange a call back, or just want to find out more.

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Was this page helpful?