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Transfer to Manchester from another fostering agency

If you foster for another council or organisation you should think about becoming a foster carer for us instead.

If you're already an approved foster carer you could be fostering a Manchester child in a few months.

Reasons why you should transfer to Manchester

  • We offer very competitive pay and allowances.
  • We pay for a host of extras - we even offer a prom allowance.
  • You'll have a reliable, regular income, because we always have children that need homes.
  • We work to create a 'fostering community'. We link up foster carers with each other, for instance at support groups in various locations across the city.
  • We have a generous refer-a-friend scheme. If you foster with us and know someone who would make a great foster carer, ask them to contact us and mention your name. When they're approved you'll get £500.
  • We’ll offer you Leisure cards and Max cards (which give free access to museums, zoos, castles and much more)
  • If you have a Manchester child placed with you when you transfer, you’ll continue to get your current rate of allowance for the length of the placement.

Tell your agency

Tell your fostering agency in writing that you intend to transfer. We may contact them for a reference.

If you have a foster child with your now, we'll meet your agency to check how your transfer would affect the child.

You can't foster for more than one agency. So you'll need to tell your current agency.

Check if you're eligible to foster.

Call 0800 988 8931 (9am to 4.30pm week days) or complete our short form if you want to arrange a call back, or just want to find out more.

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Was this page helpful?