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What is fostering

Fostering can mean taking in a child for a couple of nights, caring for a child for several months, or even having a child living with you for many years. See the different kinds of fostering.

The children and young people

Fostered children and young people can't live at home because their parents might be ill, have a drug or alcohol problem, or going through a particularly difficult time.

Many will return to their families. Or they may need long-term fostering, or a permanent new family through adoption.

Most children keep regular contact with their families, especially if the plan is for them to return home. And their parents still have some responsibilities for them.

They will usually get together away from your home: in a local children's centre for example.

See what real young people say about being fostered.

Your role as a foster carer

Manchester foster carer Rhonda explains what fostering means for her and her family.

See other foster carers' real life stories.

Check if you're eligible to foster.

Call 0800 988 8931 (9am to 4.30pm week days) or complete our short form if you want to become a foster carer, arrange a call back, or just want to find out more.

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