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Encouraging independence

Independence is encouraged so people continue to be safe, happy, healthy and successful.

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In this video you will hear from: A young person, parenting practitioner and parent

Kenzie Leigh Young:

I think it's good that independence is encouraged because we need to do things on our own. We need to learn how to do things at our own for the future because we're not always going to have help. It's better for us to start doing stuff on our own now so we can learn to do it for the future.

Lydia James, Parenting Practitioner, Parenting Team:

All our parenting courses encourage a parent to feel empowered.  For us it's not just about that two hours or three hours they come to us in the morning, it's about the rest of the week and that sustained change. So what we like to do is give them some support and strategies and then support them to then implement that at home and try it.


I was still terrified when I knew that Tom was going to have to take step back, but it was kind of Tom still being there, being like well you can do it, I know you can do it. I was like, right okay I'll give it a go and then I did it. So even though he took a step back he was still there.  I could still contact him if I needed any support with anything. It's kind of a slow gradual build-up.  You know if you do half a job and just put someone on their feet, they can fall back down. If you're going to ensure that they're going to stay on their feet and you're going to make sure they've got the tools to do it, then you're not going to have to get involved again, your jobs done.

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