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Everybody's business

Early Help is everybody’s business

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In this video you will hear from: A health visitor, nursery teacher and parenting practitioner

Ann McDermott, Specialist Case Planning Lead / Heath Visitor, Manchester Local Care Organisation:

If we're going to make a difference as a society to children and families, then everybody needs to play a part in early help. Because no one agency can single-handedly make a big enough difference really with children and families.  It has to be a joint approach.

Becky Jones, Deputy Head of Centres, Martenscroft Nursery School

Not working alone and in isolation is really important.  We can all support families together.  We can do team around the family meetings, team around the child meetings and get that whole agency approach.

Lydia James, Parenting Practitioner, Parenting Team:

Early help is everybody's business, everybody's got a role in early help because we're a community at the end of the day. It's our job to look out for each other and support each other. Whether you work in a school, whether you work on a parenting team, or whether you're a doctor, a nurse, fireman it doesn't matter. It's about seeing very early on that that person might just need a little helping hand in life and stepping in there and giving them that little bit of support.

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