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Simpler approach

Simplify our approach using appropriate language and processes

‘Explain everything in a way I can understand’ is what young people tell us. What professionals might think is simple and easy to understand is very often not. Is it clear to a family or a young person why they might need support and what we will do to help?  Are we duplicating work or are families having the same conversation twice?  

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In this video you will hear from: A parenting practitioner, parent support officer and health visitor

Kay Field, Parenting Practitioner, Parenting Team:

When we're delivering our parenting courses we are really mindful our people have different learning styles so we make sure that in our delivery we try and incorporate as many different ways of learning we use videos, flip charts to write things up, activities, we use practices or role plays, play activities as well, to help relax parents, to support in our delivery.

Evelyn Uche, Parent Support Officer, Newall Green Primary School

My technique is I don't use any jargon because some families have that fear of authority. I use very simple terms, case studies. And also get them to understand who the service are and what their job is, so it isn't that daunting for them.  

Ann McDermott, Specialist Case Planning Lead / Heath Visitor, Manchester Local Care Organisation:

It's important for us to pitch our level of communication at a level that is right for that particular parent.  We have parents with a wide range of communication skills; different languages being used across the city; parents with learning disabilities.  We may or may not always be able to access an interpreter. It's important that parents don't feel patronized when they're spoke to.  The way you speak to a family is vital. We want them to feel that a service is working with them, that there's joint working, and that a service or a case planning meeting for example isn't being done to them, but they are a vital member of that  party.

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