Social services Early Help Strategy

Support for the workforce

Support Manchester’s Early Help workforce and provide them with the tools to be confident when working with children, young people and their families

Thousands of people across Manchester support children, young people and their families and we hope this strategy helps them to feel supported and confident. We want to develop tools and support methods to make it easier for the workforce to help families and for their work to be more effective.

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In this video you will hear from: A parent support officer, housing manager, safeguarding lead and parenting practitioner

Evelyn Uche, Parent Support Officer, Newall Green Primary School

Within the school we use early help as a bench standard for supporting families over the key areas. So be it home, work, school, social or health and in the community. And then from that, that would then lead to a TAF meeting or something we can support a family with within school 

Samantha Morecroft, Tenancy Support Manager, Great Places Housing

What early help has brought is that not only are we looking at that whole family approach, but other agencies are as well. So all of a sudden we were all working in that whole family approach with the strengths based approach as well.  And therefore the multi-disciplinary kind of team, that team around the family, was working really well 

Tom Rudd, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Newall Green Primary School:

We had a circumstance recently when our Parent Support Officer was talking to a parent and was just starting off on the interview and doing an early help assessment; and then during the interview there was a disclosure. So I came to the interview and we sat and we chatted about it.  We decided straight away that the best thing to do was to involve the GP. We contacted the GP there and then, made an appointment for the parent to go that afternoon. We explained what the situation was and the parent went down.

Kay Field, Parenting Practitioner, Parenting Team:

Multi-disciplinary working and working with other agencies is really key to the work that we do with parents, because parents don't live in isolation and neither to their children. And when we take a strengths-based approach we find it's much more constructive if we can be encouraging parents to use certain strategies for example at home. And if we can work with school so that they too can be delivering the same sort of strategies with the child in the school environment, that just is a much more helpful way forward and it's more likely to result in success.

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