Social services Early Help Strategy

Professional relationships

Support Manchester’s workforce to develop strong and lasting professional relationships

This strategy will focus on people rather than processes and on communicating in conversation rather than through paperwork. Joint working between organisations and sharing locations will be encouraged.  Feedback tells us good professional relationships help to achieve good family support.

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In this video you will hear from: A housing manager, parent and health visitor

Samantha Morecroft, Tenancy Support Manager, Great Places Housing

I received a lot of peer support from the teams within the three hubs, which was really important for my gaining that knowledge, experience and skills to be able to support that whole family. And within the clinical supervision, because I was presenting my own cases, so it was really important at that point to receive that help and that support within that group.  I would get that feedback, that support from probably a hundred years' worth of experience within the room.  And that really helped me develop working with families, assessing them, supporting them.


I will happily engage with any services now; I've done it with social services, I've done it with health visitors. I wouldn't even speak to an authority figure at all a few months back. So now I'm more confident, so I will let them in, because I'm not scared that, you know, they're just going to go against me. They are actually there to put things into place and help me. 

Ann McDermott, Specialist Case Planning Lead / Heath Visitor, Manchester Local Care Organisation:

There once you understand each other's roles better, you have a clear understanding of what you can ask of another professional in terms of helping achieve the outcomes for that child. And we also then have a wider understanding of what potential there is for that agency to offer further help for a family. We can pick up the phone more readily if we have trusting relationships that are already in existence with other agencies and we can just access them more quickly.

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