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Benefits & support Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rules

If your Local Housing Allowance rate is different from your rent

  • It is likely that the LHA rate for your property will be different from the rent that your landlord is charging.
  • If the rate is less than your rent you will have to pay the extra rent yourself.
  • If the number of people in your household changes we will reassess your benefit for the change. It might mean that we have to use a different LHA rate.
  • If special circumstances mean it is difficult to pay the extra yourself, or that you must live where you do, but the landlord won't reduce your rent to the LHA rate, you might be eligible for Discretionary Housing Payments to help. Download a Discretionary Housing Payment application form.
  • If the LHA rate is more than your rent we will only pay the rent you are being charged, not the higher LHA rate.

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Was this page helpful?