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Black garden ant actual size 4mm

General information:
Garden ants are usually found during spring and summer months outdoors in lawns , flower beds, beneath paving slabs and at the base of walls. Ants can enter buildings in search of food, especially sweet food to take back to their nests. Although ants are a nuisance they do not carry germs or spread disease.

Product information:
All the insecticides we use are biodegradable and are of very low toxicity.

Treatment of garden ants:
We will treat internal walls and floor junctions of any affected rooms, cupboards if they have been cleared, and external walls if necessary.
Food preparation surfaces, gardens or patios will not be treated.
The treatment aims to control the ants inside the premises and therefore you may still see one or two ants around the area that has been treated. Owing to the nature of the ants, we cannot guarantee to eradication them completely. If after treatment, another visit is requested, a further charge will be made.

Safety information:

  • Keep children and pets away from the insecticide and the treated area(s) and do not allow the insecticide to come into contact with the mouth;
  • If the insecticidal dust is eaten or gets in the mouth, wash out the mouth of the affected person with water and keep them still. Do not try to induce vomiting. Get immediate medical advice;
  • If the insecticide dust is inhaled, move to fresh area and obtain medical advice;
  • If skin comes into contact with insecticidal dust, it should be rinsed with soap and water;
  • If the insecticidal dust gets into eyes, rinse with clean running water for 15 minutes and obtain medical advice;
  • If the insecticidal dust is eaten or affects domestic animals, obtain veterinary advice;
  • If clothing or soft materials have been in contact with the treated area, the items should be cleaned following the manufacturer's instructions;
  • If polished or non-absorbent surfaces come into contact with the treated area, clean as normal; or
  • If the insecticide comes into contact with plants, it should not damage them as the product is completely biodegradable. If there is contact with edible plants, these plants should not be eaten.

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