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Black rat (rattus rattus) & brown rat (rattus norvegicus) actual size 20-27cm

General information:
Rats are found where food, water and shelter are available for them. The food source could be in your cupboards, waste bags on the floor, pet food left out or leftovers. Rats carry viral and infectious pathogens which are left upon surfaces they move across. Rats usually live in drains and sewers and may only be visible if the drainage system becomes damaged, if this is the case, repairing the fault is important.

Treatment of rodents:
We will place small trays or boxes of rodenticide poison in any affected areas. The rats may not eat the bait straight away, so to ensure that the rats eat the poison all rubbish and food waste should be removed. We also advice that garden birds are not fed during the treatment, as this is a food source for rodents, and dog/cats food should be removed after feedings pets. Bins and skips should be kept covered.

Once the rats have taken the bait, they may die in an inaccessible place and as their bodies decompose, this may result in an unpleasant smell. On completion of your treatment all materials and rodenticide will be removed from the property where recoverable. Please ensure that any visitors to your property are informed of bait locations. Especially those with children or pets.

Please note that the treatment may require several visits for it to be successful, so you must ensure that you are available at the address for all booked appointments. It is important that you do not move or interfere with if the poison baits.

Safety Information:
Keep children and pets away from the rodenticide. Do not allow the rodenticide to come in contact with the mouth. If there’s is contamination or suspected poisoning, follow these instructions.

  • Clothing or soft materials should be cleaned following the manufacturer's instructions;
  • Polished and non-absorbent surfaces should be cleaned as normal;
  • If the rodenticide is eaten or gets into the mouth wash out the mouth; of the affected person with water and keep them still . Do not try to induce vomiting. Get immediate medical advice;
  • Skin contaminated with rodenticide should be rinsed with soap and water;
  • If the rodenticide gets in the eyes. Rinse with clean, running water for 15 minutes and obtain medical advice; or
  • If rodenticide is eaten or affects domestic animals. Obtain veterinary advice.

If you have a problem with rats, we can help, we will deal with jobs for rats inside your home as quickly as possible and will arrange an appointment with you at your earliest convenience.

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