The Council and democracy Census and Areas in the City

2011 Census Analysis for Manchester

The most recent Census, which is conducted every ten years, was on 27 March 2011. The Census collects vast amount of data about the population helps us to understand the nation and how we live. The Census is used to make decisions about how funding and resources are allocated for the provision of public services.

Manchester's population on Census day was 503,000.

Users should note when comparing the 2011 Census with the 2001 Census that, in addition to Output Area and Lower Super Output Area boundary changes, there was an acknowledged undercount of around 30,000 residents in Manchester in the 2001 Census.

Accessing Census 2011 data

You can access some of the key Census data for Manchester via the Intelligence Hub

The full datasets are available for download from the Office for National Statistics and  NOMIS 

Reports and Analysis

A report has been produced which summarises the key Census findings for Manchester:

Further Information about the Census

The ONS have produced a number of resources to help user understand the results of the Census including:

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