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Model Conditions - Glassware and use of ice fountains / bottle sparklers

Glassware and use of ice fountains / bottle sparklers 

When copying the content on this page into your own document you'll need to insert certain details that are relevant for your licence. Where these are required the need for specific information is marked in brackets and leads with the word 'Insert' eg: [Insert: specific days and times]

  • Drinks must only be served in polycarbonate/plastic containers [Insert: on specified days or events] [Insert: upon reasonable notice by Greater Manchester Police]. 
  • Customers will not be permitted to remove from the premises any drinks supplied by the premises (alcoholic or otherwise) in open containers [Insert: except for consumption in any delineated external area as shown on the plan attached to the licence]. 
  • Spirit, Champagne and all other glass bottles greater than [Insert: specify measurement eg 70cl] are restricted to customers seated at a [Insert: either table or booth] in the delineated area(s) as shown on the plan attached to the licence. These bottles must be secured to the table or ice bucket and must only be dispensed by a member of staff who is trained in the responsible service of alcohol. Customers must not be permitted to leave their table carrying any such bottle, or be permitted to drink directly from the bottle.  
  • Ice fountains or similar products (which are classed as HT4 explosives): 
    • must be kept in their original packaging and only stored in a secure store room or fire-resistant cabinet that the public have no access to. The room/cabinet must be kept locked, except for the depositing or removal of products but must be locked immediately thereafter. 
    • their use must be risk assessed in advance and appropriate control measure put in place to reduce the risk to staff and customers, which must include (but is not limited to): 
      • i)    staff training in their safe use and dispersal 
      • ii)    the provision of appropriate first aid training and equipment 
      • iii)    suitability of areas of the premises where the products will be used 
    • The risk assessment and control measures identified must be documented, kept on the premises and made available for inspection to a police, fire or authorised officer upon request. 
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