Licences and permissions Licensing Act 2003 Model Conditions

Model Conditions - CCTV and Emergencies


When copying the content on this page into your own document you'll need to insert certain details that are relevant for your licence. Where these are required the need for specific information is marked in brackets and leads with the word 'Insert' eg: [Insert: specific days and times]

  • The premises shall operate a CCTV system that complies with the minimum requirements of the GMP Police Licensing Team. 
  • The premises licence holder must ensure that: 
    • CCTV cameras are located within the premises to cover all public areas including all entrances and exits [Insert: The location of cameras could also be specified on the plan attached to the premises licence]
    • The system records clear images permitting the identification of individuals
    • The CCTV system is able to capture a minimum of 24 frames per second and all recorded footage must be securely retained for a minimum of 28 days
    • The CCTV system operates at all times while the premises are open for licensable activities [Insert: or specify timings]
    • All equipment must have a constant and accurate time and date generation
    • The CCTV system is fitted with security functions to prevent recordings being tampered with, i.e. password protected
    • There must be at least one member of trained staff at the premises during operating hours able to provide viewable copies on request to police or authorised local authority officers as soon as is reasonably practicable in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (or any replacement legislation). 



  • The premises licence holder shall ensure that at all times when the public is present there is [Insert either: at least one, or an appropriate number of] competent person(s) able to administer first aid, that an adequate and appropriate supply of first aid equipment and materials is available on the premises, and that adequate records are maintained in relation to the supply of any first aid treatment. 
  • The premises licence holder shall ensure that at all times when the public is present there is an appropriate level of medical care for all persons present. The level of provision should be determined by a medical needs assessment. 
  • All external emergency exit doors shall be fitted with sensor alarms and visible indicators to alert staff when the doors have been opened. 
  • All staff on duty at the premises shall be trained in the Emergency and Evacuation procedures for the premises and aware of their individual responsibilities. This includes any door supervisors. Documented records of training completed shall be kept for each member of staff. Training shall be regularly refreshed and at no greater than [Insert: specify number] monthly intervals. Training records shall be made available for inspection upon request by a police officer or an authorised officer of Manchester City Council. 
  • The premises shall have a minimum 20m rescue throwline available on the premises for emergency use. All on-duty staff (including security) shall be knowledgeable of its location and the manufacturer’s instructions for use.
  • [Insert: Staff to be specified] must hold a valid Emergency First Aid at Work qualification or equivalent qualifications that complies with the relevant guidance from the Health and Safety Executive (GEIS3)
  • A member(s) of staff qualified to a minimum Level 3 Certificate in First Response Emergency Care must be on duty, with appropriate medical equipment, at the premises when licensable activities are carried out [Insert: or at specified days/times] 
  • All door supervisors must have emergency first aid at work training.
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