Licences and permissions Licensing Act 2003 Model Conditions

Model Conditions - Incident Reporting and Preventing noise and other public nuisance

Incident reporting 

When copying the content on this page into your own document you'll need to insert certain details that are relevant for your licence. Where these are required the need for specific information is marked in brackets and leads with the word 'Insert' eg: [Insert: specific days and times]

  • Any and all of the following incidents must be noted including pertinent details and, as appropriate, reported promptly so that investigations can be made and action taken (delete as appropriate): 
    • alleged crimes reported to the venue or by the venue to the police 
    • ejections of patrons 
    • complaints received 
    • incidents of disorder 
    • seizures of drugs, offensive weapons, fraudulent ID or other items 
    • faults in the CCTV system, searching equipment or scanning equipment 
    • refusal of the sale of alcohol 
    • visit by a responsible authority or emergency service 
    • the times on duty, names and the licence numbers of all licensed door supervisors employed by the premises. 
    • suspicious behaviour by patrons or members of the public close to a venue.  
  • Incident logs (which may be kept electronically) must be kept at the premises for at least six months and made available on request to the police or an authorised officer of the licensing authority.

Preventing noise and other public nuisances 

  • All external windows and doors must be kept shut at all times when regulated entertainment is being provided. Doors may be opened for normal entrance and egress of people but must be shut immediately thereafter. 
  • No noise shall emanate from the premises nor vibration be transmitted through the structure of the premises that gives rise to a nuisance. 
  • A noise limiting device must be installed and must operate at all times regulated entertainment takes place at the premises. The device must be of a type, in a location and set at a level [Insert: specify if known or approved in writing by the appropriate officer of the Council]. 
  • The location and orientation of loudspeakers must be as specified on the attached premises plan. 
  • An [Insert: acoustic lobby / acoustic door / acoustic curtains / acoustic door seals / automatic door closer] must be installed [insert: specify the location or define on plan]. 
  • There shall be no noise or odours caused by the kitchen extraction equipment that gives rise to a nuisance. 
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