Licences and permissions Licensing Act 2003 Model Conditions

Model Conditions - Admission and control of entry, and Dispersal

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Admission and control of entry

  • The designated queuing area shall be enclosed within appropriate barriers and a minimum width of 1.8m [Insert: or specify if greater] shall be maintained on the footway to allow safe passage by pedestrians.
  • An ID scanning system or either electronic / biometric verification technology approved in writing by the licensing authority must be operated at the premises at all times it is open to the public. All persons entering the premises must provide verifiable ID and record their details on the system.  
  • All persons entering or re-entering the premises must be searched by a Security Industry Authority (SIA) registered door supervisor (and all searches must be monitored by the premises' CCTV system.)  
  • No patron shall be admitted or readmitted to the premises unless they have either
    • passed through a metal detecting search arch, or
    • been searched using hand-held electronic search wands, and - if the search equipment is activated - have been physically searched in accordance with a procedure agreed with Greater Manchester Police, which must include a ‘pat down search’ and a full bag search. Search equipment must be kept in working order.  
  • No customer will be permitted to enter or re-enter the premises between the hours of [Insert: specific times] save for persons who have temporarily left the premises (eg. to smoke).  
  • Between [Insert: specific times] no customer will be permitted to enter or leave the premises by means of [Insert: detail of specified entrances]
  • No more than [Insert: specific number] customers will be permitted on the premises at any one time. 
  • The premises licence holder shall ensure that a suitable method of calculating the number of people present during licensable activities is in place. 


  • The dispersal of customers from the premises must be managed in accordance with the following: 
    • Clear and legible notices must be prominently displayed at all exits requesting customers to respect local residents and leave the area quietly. 
    • Public announcements requesting customers to leave quietly to minimise disturbance to nearby residents 
    • A [Insert: specify minutes] period where [Insert: music volume is reduced / lighting increased / alcohol sales cease]. 
    • A suitable member of staff or a Door Supervisor(s) will be visible at each public entrance / exit to control the dispersal, to remind people to leave quietly, and to prevent patrons from re-entering the premises, and shall deter customers from using private hire vehicles without a prior booking 
    • All drinks and glass vessels must be removed from patrons as they leave to ensure no glass leaves the premises.  
  • From no later than 1 hour before the premises closes to the public, a member of staff shall be dedicated to monitor the dispersal of customers and ensure patrons do not contribute to anti-social behaviour in the vicinity. They will be easily identifiable by way of their uniform or high visibility jacket / vest; will have a detailed knowledge of all transport options in the area and provide directions for patrons who may be loitering in the vicinity of the premises. 
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