Licences and permissions Licensing Act 2003 Model Conditions

Model Conditions - Staff Training (alcohol and vulnerability welfare) and Preventing and Dealing with Drunkenness and Vulnerability

Staff training (alcohol and vulnerability welfare)

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  • All staff authorised to sell alcohol shall be trained in (delete as appropriate): 
    • Relevant age restrictions in respect of products 
    • Prevent underage sales 
    • Prevent proxy sales 
    • Maintain the refusals log  
    • Enter sales correctly on the tills so the prompts show as appropriate 
    • Recognising signs of drunkenness and vulnerability 
    • How overservice of alcohol impacts on the four objectives of the Licensing Act 2003 
    • How to refuse service 
    • The premises’ duty of care policy, understanding and dealing with situations involving vulnerable people, and incidents of harassment; and how to report issues of modern slavery and trafficking 
    • Action to be taken in the event of an emergency, including the preservation of a crime scene and reporting an incident to the emergency services  
    • The conditions in force under this licence. 
  • Training must include evidence that the trainee has gained knowledge and understanding of the training, which may consist of a test or quiz, completed by the trainee. 
  • Documented records of training completed shall be kept for each member of staff. Training shall be regularly refreshed and at no greater than 6 [Insert: or specify] monthly intervals. Training records shall be made available for inspection upon request by a police officer or an authorised officer of Manchester City Council. 

Preventing and dealing with drunkenness and vulnerability 

  • The premises shall have a documented Duty of Care policy for managing intoxicated and vulnerable customers and dealing with incidents of harassment at the premises. The policy shall also include provision for persons refused entry to the premises who are also considered vulnerable by staff.  
  • The premises shall display prominent signage indicating [Insert: at any point of sale, at the entrance to the premises, in all areas where alcohol is located] that it is an offence to sell alcohol to anyone who is drunk. 
  • A Personal Licence holder must be present at the premises to supervise all sales of alcohol. 
  • A minimum of [Insert: specify number] persons must be employed and on duty at the premises between [Insert: specify days/hours] who are specifically tasked to maintain the safety of customers who may be vulnerable, ill or in distress as a result of alcohol and/or drug-related intoxication. Such persons must be trained on drunkenness, vulnerability, and drugs awareness in the night-time economy; and responding to these matters. 
  • The premises shall provide facilities for customers to securely recharge their mobile phones. 
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