Licences and permissions Licensing Act 2003 Model Conditions

Model Conditions - Door Supervisors and Body-worn Video

Door supervisors 

When copying the content on this page into your own document you'll need to insert certain details that are relevant for your licence. Where these are required the need for specific information is marked in brackets and leads with the word 'Insert' eg: [Insert: specific days and times]

  1. Door supervision must be provided on [Insert: specify days / circumstance]. Door supervisors must be on duty from [Insert: specify hours] and must remain on duty until the premises are closed and all the customers have left. 
  2. On [Insert: specific days and hours], at least [Insert: number] of Security Industry Authority (SIA) registered door supervisors must be on duty at the premises [Insert: either i) specify location at the premises or ii) as shown on the plan]. 
  3. Door supervisors shall be employed at the ratio of [Insert: number] door supervisor for every 100 customers (or part thereof). 
  4. Door supervisors shall be employed by the premises based upon a risk assessment carried out in relation to the following factors: 
    • Size of the venue  
    • Expected attendance  
    • Type of event taking place  
    • Location of the premises  
    • Time of year  
    • Special occasion (New Year, Halloween, Local events etc.)  
    • Premises Licence Conditions  
  5. At least [Insert: number] female door supervisor(s) shall be on duty at the premises at such times as door supervisors are required to be provided. 
  6. All door supervisors, and other persons engaged at the premises for the purpose of supervising or controlling queues or customers, must wear [insert: any or all of: high visibility jackets, vests, armbands]
  7. Any door supervisors on duty at the premises must be supplied by an SIA-Approved Contractor Scheme company. 

Body-worn video

  1. On [Insert: specify days/hours], [Insert: either i) all or ii) at least [Insert: number]] of SIA registered door supervisors on duty at [Insert: either i) specify location at the premises or ii) as shown on the plan] must wear working body-worn video devices (body cams) that comply with the minimum requirements of the GMP Police Licensing Team.  
  2. A record must be kept of the SIA registration number of the door supervisor and the ID of bodycam worn by them.   
  3. Bodycam images must be stored so that they are retrievable and accessible for replay and viewing, and kept in an environment that will not be detrimental to the quality or capacity for future viewing. They should be appropriately labelled to enable identification and retrieval and kept for a minimum of 28 days. No recording must be deleted within this period from when it is recorded. 
  4. The premises licence holder must ensure at least one member of trained staff at the premises during operating hours able to provide viewable copies on request to police or authorised local authority officers as soon as is reasonably practicable in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (or any replacement legislation). 
  5. The Designated Premises Supervisor or on-duty manager must ensure that all door supervisors on duty at the premises are correctly displaying their current SIA accreditation and are briefed on their responsibilities and relevant company operating procedures before they commence duty. 
  6. Door supervisors must be provided with radios to enable them to contact each other and the duty manager at the premises. 
  7. Where SIA registered door supervisors are used at the premises, a record must be kept of their SIA registration number and the dates and times when they are on duty. 
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